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County Building at the Fairgrounds

Release Date: July 20, 2011
Since approximately 1981, this structure has provided a home for county and municipal governments and many non-profit groups.

Have You Visited the County Building at the Fair Lately?

Welcome to Sussex County, New Jersey's Greenest County! Located almost centrally on the fairgrounds, the 5,600 square foot blue county building houses some great exhibits. Since approximately 1981, this structure has provided a home for county and municipal governments and many non-profits groups. As you approach the main doors, various Veterans groups and the League of Woman voters will make sure you are signed up to cast your ballot and help shape our future. Sitting at the front desk is one of the most dedicated volunteers on the fairgrounds, Ernie Kosa, who will help direct your visit to the County building. Front and center is a replica of High Point Monument (the highest point in NJ at 1,803 feet above sea level) - presented by Holt-Morgan-Russell Architects who were instrumental in the renovations of the actual monument at High Point State Park in northern Sussex County. The front section of the building is devoted to exhibits about County government - our many divisions and departments are represented with achievements of the past year and visions for the upcoming. Along the perimeter of the entire building, our 24 municipalities adorn the walls with glimmers of significant events and historical tidbits about their respective towns. The competition is fierce for bragging rights on which town will have the best display! The remainder of the building is utilized by local non-profits who hope to educate the public about their various projects and resources. A central fountain is surrounded by benches where the public can relax and take in the surrounding environment including the Freeholder display which is a representation of the historic County Courthouse. There are no political events allowed in the County Building - this is a space to enjoy and learn a bit about New Jersey's great northwest. So, during your Fair visit, stop by for a few minutes and soak in some history of Sussex County.

County Building at the Fairgounds, photo by Donna Traylor