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About Municipal Alliances

Release Date: June 08, 2010
Our 2010 Sussex County Municipal Alliance Plan has more than 85 individual municipal programs addressing the issues of substance abuse prevention and education.

County of Sussex
Department of Human Services
Division of Community and Youth Services

Municipal Alliance

Prevention Education Programs for Substance Abuse (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs) in Sussex County is funded by the Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (GCADA) and provided through the County of Sussex's Municipal Alliance Program. In Sussex County there are 12 Municipal Alliances representing all 24 towns, which involve community-based volunteer committees established in 1990 to address each community's substance abuse prevention needs for all ages. Seven of our Municipal Alliances are consortiums, which cover two or more towns, while the other five are individual town Alliances.

Funding for the GCADA and the Municipal Alliance program come from the Drug Enforcement Demand Reduction (DEDR) Fund. The 1989 legislation established a set of fines on convicted drug offenders specifically to be collected into the DEDR Funds for the purpose of being returned to communities and used for local substance abuse prevention activities. Each Alliance must match its D.E.D.R. grant with a 25% cash match and 75% in-kind (non-cash) match. Grants for each municipality range from $2,993.00 to $20,467.00 in D.E.D.R. funds. In 2010, $202,454.00 in state funding was allocated to a variety of substance abuse programs throughout our County.

Our 2010 Sussex County Municipal Alliance Plan has more than 85 individual municipal programs addressing the issues of substance abuse prevention and education. Due to the diversity of the Sussex County community, there are a variety of programs (DARE, Project Graduation, Red Ribbon, etc.) that target kindergarten through high school, college, parents and senior citizens groups.

The most prevalent programs currently provided by the municipalities are:

  1. Parenting Workshops - to enhance parents' ability to assist their children to live a healthy and drug free lifestyle.
  2. Peer Leadership Programs - training to help students develop leadership skills and goal oriented behaviors. The Peer Leaders become role models and helpers to other students.
  3. Drug Awareness Events - to offer families and community members drug and alcohol free activities, while providing information about substance abuse and community-wide prevention programs. One of these programs will be offered on August 15th of this year. Sussex County is planning a countywide event at the Skylands Ball Park that is intended to attract more than 4,200 people and provide substance abuse prevention activities and promote family togetherness to combat substance abuse.
  4. Drug Use and Misuse in the Elderly— Medicines can interact with other medicines including over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, vitamins, herbs, foods and beverages including alcohol or with other medical conditions. These interactions can cause unexpected side effects and can make a medicine less effective or even harmful. Professionals within our community present this program in conjunction with the Division of Senior Services.

Sussex County's Alliances and their various community partners are committed to the substance abuse prevention effort and continue to move forward in addressing the drug abuse needs identified throughout the County.

If you would like to volunteer with your local Municipal Alliance Committee to participate in their alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse prevention programs, please contact Patricia Kibildis, the Sussex County Municipal Alliance Coordinator at 973-948-6000, ext. 223 or e-mail:


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