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Scheduled Rabies Clinics

Release Date: December 11, 2018
Rabies Clinic Schedule. Note: Vaccinate only healthy cats and dogs at clinics. Ferrets, rabbits, wolf-hybrids, and other animals will NOT be vaccinated at clinics. Contact your veterinarian for instructions on vaccination of these animals.

Rabies Clinics

Please call your municipality for exact time and location.
Click column to sort by date or town.

Date Municipality Telephone
Andover Borough 973-786-6688
01/04/2019 Andover Township 973-383-4280
Branchville Borough 973-948-4626
Byram Township 973-347-2500
Frankford Township 973-948-5566
Franklin Borough 973-827-9280
Fredon Township 973-383-7025
Green Township 908-852-9333
Hamburg Borough 973-827-9230
Hampton Township 973-383-5570
Hardyston Township 973-823-7020
Hopatcong Borough 973-770-1200
Lafayette Township 973-383-1817
Montague Township 973-293-7300
Newton 973-383-3521
Ogdensburg Borough 973-827-3444
Sandyston Township 973-948-3520
1/12/2019 Sparta Township 973-729-4493
Stanhope Borough 973-347-0159
Stillwater Township 973-383-9484
Snow Date:
Sussex Borough 973-875-4831
Vernon Township 973-764-4055
Wantage Township 973-875-7192

Learn about Rabies at the Division of Health
Learn about Rabies at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention external link