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Department: Prosecutor's Office

Press Release - Plea of James D. Brickley

Release Date: July 21, 2022


July 20, 2022

     Acting Sussex County Prosecutor Annmarie Taggart announced the entry of a guilty plea to an accusation before the Honorable Judge Gaus, J.S.C. at the Sussex County Courthouse in Newton on July 20, 2022 by James D. Brickley.

     Brickley, age 31, of Lords Valley, PA, pled guilty to Eluding, a crime of the second degree in addition to Driving While Intoxicated, Refusal to Submit to a Breathalyzer Test, and Reckless Driving, all Motor Vehicle Summonses. Sentencing is presently scheduled for September 7, 2022 before the Honorable Robert M. Hanna, J.S.C.                          

     In pleading guilty, the defendant admitted to fleeing from law enforcement officers with the New Jersey State Police and Sparta Police Department after having received a signal from said officers to bring the vehicle to full stop. 

     The case was investigated by Tpr. R. Tarleton and Tpr. N. Parisi of the New Jersey State Police and Ptl. A. Spitzer of Sparta Police Department.

     Brickley was represented by Matthew Young, Esq. and the State was represented by Special Deputy Attorney General and Acting Assistant Prosecutor Donald F. Cox, Jr.