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NJ COST Salutes Sussex County Skylands Ride’s John Jackson and Linda Phister

Release Date: September 28, 2009


NJ COST Salutes Sussex County Skylands Ride's John Jackson and Linda Phister

The County of Sussex is pleased to announce that Sussex County Skylands Ride's John Jackson and Linda Phister were awarded “Administrative Employee of the Year” by the New Jersey Council on Special Transportation (NJ COST) at their 14th Annual NJ COST Vendor Expo at the PNC Bank Arts Center, in Holmdel, on Friday, September 25, 2009.  Sussex County Skylands Ride is the County’s transit system providing public and demand response transportation to Sussex County residents.

Michael Vieira, President of the NJ Council on Special Transportation stated, “The entire state has taken notice of the transportation changes happening in Sussex County.  Skylands Ride has achieved great success and survived insurmountable obstacles thanks largely in part to the unfailing efforts of management and staff.  John Jackson and Linda Phister have the proven management skills and ability to navigate the way for an ordinary public transit system to evolve into a community based organization designed to meet the needs and expectations of those it serves.” 

John Jackson John Jackson has been the Program Coordinator for Skylands Ride since 2007.  Mr. Jackson has been a resident of Sussex County for the past 25 years and prior to his employment with Sussex County, he was a New Jersey State Police Lieutenant serving 28 years (Retired).

Linda Phister Linda Phister has been an Omnibus Operator for seventeen years and the evening Supervising Omnibus Operator for Skylands Ride for the past three years.

Their knowledge of Sussex County, compassion for our customers and inherent leadership ability has earned them respect from peers and supervisors.

The New Jersey Council on Special Transportation (NJ COST) is a statewide association for providers of transportation services for senior citizens, persons with disabilities, low income, welfare to work and job access.  Each year NJ COST awards one outstanding, dedicated “Administrative Employee of the Year.”  Skylands Ride is elated to have two employees recognized this year.  This is an extraordinary honor because it is the first time NJ COST has recognized two employees for this award from the same transit system.  Michael Vieira stated, “NJ COST could not recognize just one individual from Skylands Ride, both John Jackson and Linda Phister compliment each other.  They are both deserving of this award.”

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