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Northwest New Jersey Bus Study

Release Date: November 21, 2007
The County of Sussex is pleased to announce the County’s participation in the Northwest New Jersey Inter-County Initiative – otherwise known as the Northwest New Jersey Bus Study.

The County of Sussex is pleased to announce the County’s participation in the Northwest New Jersey Inter-County Initiative – otherwise known as the Northwest New Jersey Bus Study. This Study is a cooperative effort between the Counties of Sussex, Morris, Warren and Passaic, with project management provided by NJ Transit and the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA). This Study is the result of an earmarked grant that was obtained by Congressman Scott Garrett in the Federal Transportation Bill known as – SAFETEA-LU (Safe Accountable Flexible Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users). The Study is being conducted in response to a variety of recent inquiries on improvements to transit service. The purpose of this Study is to analyze potential transit service improvements in a number of critical transportation corridors in the region including the Route 23 corridor, the Route 15 corridor and the Interstate 80 corridor.

This Study will specifically analyze opportunities for greater and more convenient access to jobs and other destinations, with a focus on new and improved bus services and intermodal connections. One of the main Study goals is to reduce traffic volumes in the Study area with options that will reduce the number of trips by single occupant vehicles. The Study will produce recommendations for more commuting options for individuals who reside or work in the northwestern New Jersey Counties, in order to increase their mobility.

A substantial public outreach effort for the Study is planned. The Study will be guided by a Steering Committee and will also include outreach through local, municipal, and County officials meetings, inter-agency meetings, public open house meetings and other efforts such as surveys.

The Study, which will be conducted by a consultant, will review all previous study efforts as well as collect and review new data. This will include demographics, land use, economic data, travel data, and environmental data. This will also include an inventory of the existing highway system and conditions, as well as all modes of the transit system.

Using this information, the consultant will analyze the data collected and forecast future transportation system conditions with and without improvements to the bus network. This will include a technical forecasting process that will test various improvement scenarios.

The consultant will then develop a comprehensive package of improvements for the study area including recommendations for new and restructured bus/shuttle operations and bus infrastructure improvements such as potential new bus transit hubs and park and ride facilities.

Finally, the Study will document the conclusions and recommendations and identify next steps for implementation.

The consultant selection process is currently underway by NJ Transit and the NJTPA and the Study should take approximately one year to complete.

For Additional Information – Please Contact:

Thomas Drabic, Transportation Planner, Division of Planning Office of Transportation Planning Sussex County Department of Engineering and Planning Sussex County Administrative Center Newton, New Jersey Phone # (973) 579-0500 – option#3