Sussex County Division of Public Works
Office of Roads

One Spring Street
Newton, NJ 07860
Tel# 973-579-0430

Snow Plow

2017 DPW Summer Seasonal Report
2017 DPW Spring Seasonal Report

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The Sussex County Division of Public Works is responsible for the proper maintenance, surfacing, resurfacing, drainage and repair of all County roads, bridges, and drains. The Office of Roads maintains all County roads, bridges, and drains and keeps them in a clear and safe condition. The Division is also in charge of removing all snow, ice, leaves, debris, or other matter that may impede or restrict travel within the County.

The Division investigates complaints involving County roads and bridges and then takes proper action to see that the needed repairs are made with a minimum of delay.

Should you have any comments please feel free to email us at dpw@sussex.nj.us

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