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The placement of historic plaques in Sussex County began in the year 2000. Since that time, thirty-two markers have been fabricated and placed at historic sites throughout Sussex County. The program got its beginning when two markers relating the history of Newton were placed in the Newton Park on the Green. The idea came about as part of a project to revitalize the park in a combined program which involved the Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the Newton Historic Preservation Commission.

Following is a list of markers by municipality.


Town Subject
Andover Borough "The Lackawanna Cutoff"
Andover Borough "The Andover Iron Works"
Andover Township
Branchville Borough "Branchville, N.J."
Byram Township "Amity School"
Byram Township "Cat Swamp Hijacking and Murder"
Frankford Township "Augusta Hill Baptists"
Franklin Borough "Dr. Samuel Fowler"
Fredon Township "Fredon"
Fredon Township "Yellow Frame Presbyterian Church"
Green Township "Thomas Woolverton's Tavern"
Hamburg Borough "Joseph Sharp's Iron Works"
Hampton Township "Twin Bridges"
Hardyston Township "Snufftown-Stockholm"
Hopatcong Borough "Home of Hudson Maxim"
Lafayette Township "The LaFayette Foundry"
Montague Township "Brick House Village"
Town of Newton "Newton Green"
Town of Newton "Newton Green - A Birthplace of Democracy"
Town of Newton "Henry W. Merriam"
Ogdensburg Borough "Old Schoolhouse and Firehouse Museum"
Sandyston Township "The Westbrook-Bell House"
Sandyston Township "Hainesville, N.J."
Stanhope Borough "Stanhope, N.J."
Stillwater Township "Casper Schafer House"
Sussex Borough "Sussex, N.J."
Vernon Township "St. Thomas Episcopal Church"
Vernon Township "Price's Switch Schoolhouse"
Walpack Township "Wallpack, N.J."
Wantage Township "Kilpatrick's Reenactment"
Wantage Township "Lusscroft"
Wantage Township "D.A.R. Von Bunschooten Museum"
Wantage Township "Goldsmith Maid - Queen of the Trotters"

Each municipality in Sussex County, no matter how small or large, a town or rural farming community, are very proud of their history and are all what make Sussex County the beautiful and proud area in which we live today. These markers will remind us today of what was here before us so we can take pride in our communities and honor those that went before us.

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