Childhood Cancer

Although pediatric cancer rates have declined over the past few decades, it still remains a leading cause of death from disease among children. According to the CDC, the most commonly diagnosed childhood cancers and leading causes of cancer deaths (2014) in children ages 0-19 were leukemias and brain and central nervous system cancer.

The causes for most childhood cancers, especially leukemias and brain and central nervous system cancers, are unknown. About 5% of all cancers in children are caused by a genetic mutation that is passed from parents to children (National Cancer Institute).

Information about treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and immunotherapy. Information related to the side effects of cancer treatment, management of cancer-related complications and pain, and psychosocial concerns. arrow icon

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American Childhood Cancer Organization arrow icon addresses the needs of families through programs that emphasize information, advocacy, awareness, and research.

For more information: Childhood Cancers Info (National Cancer Institute) arrow icon

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