Sussex County
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Zika Virus Information

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  (El virus del Zika)
New Jersey Department of Health and LINCS Messaging 


At Home

flying mosquito

To minimize larval habitat at the home:

  • Clean roof gutters at least annually
  • Remove any unnecessary containers from the property (flower pots/trays, tires, toys, boats, equipment)
  • Drain and rinse birdbaths twice a week
  • Aerate and/or stock ornamental ponds with fish
  • Configure tarps to drain any incident rainwater
  • Use landscaping to minimize standing surface water
  • Close pools when not in use and be aware that pool covers can collect rainwater and provide habitat for mosquitoes as well
  • Patch or drain tree holes
  • For areas of standing water that cannot be drained use larvicides

House with larval locations

Photo courtesy State of MaineĀ Division of Infectious Disease

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