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Boden Promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant
Release Date: August 23, 2017

Sergeant Andrew Boden Promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant

Andrew Boden

Sheriff Michael F. Strada is pleased to announce the promotion of Sergeant Andrew Boden to the rank of Lieutenant. For the past 19 years Lieutenant Boden has been heavily relied upon and has served as an integral part of the Sussex County Sheriff's Office Corrections Bureau. His knowledge, experience, abilities and interpersonal skills make Lieutenant Boden a great law enforcement officer and a leader.

Lieutenant Boden serves the Corrections Bureau on the Special Operations Group, Honor Guard Unit, and HAZMAT teams and has always gone above and beyond his normal scope of duties.

Sheriff Strada stated; "Many officers look up to Lieutenant Boden because of his strong leadership skills and his ability to handle personal and professional issues. He always carries his duties out in a respectful, fair, and professional manner." Sheriff Strada congratulates Lieutenant Boden and wishes him the best of luck in his new capacity.

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