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Online Human Services Resource Directory
Release Date: June 16, 2016

Sussex County Department of Human Services Announces
New Online Human Services Resource Directory
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The Sussex County Department of Human Services is pleased to announce its new, searchable directory of human resources. The directory can be found on the county website at http://sussex.nj.us/resourcedirectory. The Resource Directory is designed to assist Sussex County residents in finding information or assistance at the click of a button. It includes information on local resources as well as state and national agencies and organizations.

The new Human Services Resource Directory combines a number of directories that have been maintained by individual county divisions and offices into a single source. It incorporates the Senior Services directory, the NJ Disabilities directory, and the Project Community Connect directory, among others.

Users can find what they are looking for in a number of ways. Entries are made by topic, such as Disabilities, State Government Agencies or Support Groups. By clicking on the topic, the user will see a drop-down list of providers to choose from. Provider listings have phone numbers, addresses and/or websites, and many have brief descriptions of available services.

There are currently 821 entries listed by categories, which include everything from Advocacy, Alcoholism/Addiction, Alzheimer's, Assisted Living/Boarding Homes to Crisis Intervention, Dental, Disabilities, Education, Food Pantries, Home Health, Hotlines, Long Term Care, Medical, Prescription Drug Programs, Recreation, Social Security, State Government Agencies, Transportation, Utilities Assistance, Volunteer Opportunities and Wellness Resources, among others.

The directory is also searchable by either agency/provider name or by keyword. This allows the user to type in "Senior" to be directed to the listing for Sussex County Division of Senior Services, or to the list of entries for agencies providing services for senior citizens.

Agencies are encouraged to go to the directory to check their listing for accuracy, and to make sure that they are included in the directory. Also, agencies that provide multiple services are listed under multiple categories, and agencies should make sure that they are listed in every category that is appropriate. For example, an agency that provides counseling services and also runs a support group should be listed under both topics. Any changes or corrections may be requested using the Request Update button on the webpage.

The directory was created by Sussex County's webmaster, Thor Carlson, and will be maintained by the Department's Division of Community and Youth Services.

A message from the Department of Human Services, One Spring Street, Newton, N.J. 07860 Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Phone 973-579-0559 Fax 973-579-9894 humanservices@sussex.nj.us.

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