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Sussex County Human Services Advisory Council

Sussex County Human Services Advisory Council

Minutes for May 26, 2004

Members Present:  Barbara Adolphe, Cathy Capula Bawa, Jeff Daly, Vladimir Raevsky, Ron-Dee Lockwood, Linda Pinto, Michele Richard, Suzanne Sarner, Gordon Shelton, Joy Sullivan, Donna DelValle.


Members Absent:  Dorothy Ames, Sharon Giacchino, Anna Olsen, Gail Swain, Bruce Hayes.


Members Excused:  Ralph Pinto, Suzanne Rosen, Christine Schnorr, Patty Tomaszewski.


County Staff Present: Gregory Fehrenbach, Stephen Gruchacz, Lorraine Hentz, Melissa Latronica, Pat Kibildis.


State Staff:  Mary Thiele. 


Members of the Public:  Sue Lombardi, Mary Houtsma, Richard Lecher, Eileen Kivlen, Barbara Miller, Ed Szabo, Alana Steib, Claire Willetts, Maureen McKenna, Cindy Everitt.



Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Chair Barbara Adolphe at 9:05 a.m.


Introduction of HSAC Members and Visitors:  Introductions of members and visitors.


Minutes:  Jeff Daly motioned to approve the April minutes.  Michele Richard seconded the motion.  No discussion.  Abstentions:  Vladimir Raevsky and Ron Dee Lockwood.  Motion passed, April minutes were approved.


Committee Reports:

Executive Committee:

  • No report.

Planning Committee:

  • No report.  Planning Committee meeting is scheduled for June 14th at 1:00 p.m.

Allocations Committee-Linda Pinto and Mary Theile:

  • Ed Szabo and Barbara Miller introduced themselves to the HSAC members, both were members of the HSAC Allocations Committee.
  • Linda Pinto presented the Peer Grouping recommendations for allocations to the HSAC Members, please refer to the attached Allocations Recommendations spread sheet.
  • Linda Pinto made a motion to accept the Peer Grouping allocations recommendations.  Ron Dee Lockwood seconded the motion.  Discussion:  Michelle Richard inquired about the Allocation Committee Process.  Lorraine Hentz gave an overview on how the internal County Committee met previous to the HSAC Committee, the Internal County Committee’s recommendations were forwarded to the HSAC Committee.  However, the Internal Committee did not make any recommendations regarding funding any one agency, they felt that they should support the HSAC’s recommendations, due to their expertise.  Abstentions:  Jeff Daly and Vladimir Raevsky.  Motion was passed unanimously to accept the Peer Grouping allocation recommendations as outlined in the Allocations spread sheet.
  • Mary Thiele presented the Grant-In-Aid recommendations for allocations to the HSAC Members; please refer to the attached Allocations Recommendations spread sheet.
  • Ron Dee Lockwood made a motion to accept the Grant-In-Aid recommendations.  Cathy Bawa seconded the motion.  Discussion:  The process for Grant-In-Aid was exactly the same as the Peer Grouping.  Abstentions:  Vladimir Raevsky, Joy Sullivan, Barbara Adolphe.  Motion was passed unanimously to accept the Grant-In-Aid allocation recommendation as outlined in the Allocations spread sheet.
  • Ron Dee Lockwood and Stephen Gruchacz thanked the Allocations Committee and commended their efforts.
  • Richard Lecher from SCARC discussed the unfortunate situation regarding SCARC’s late submission of the RFP to the County.  Stating that he was upset by the loss of the funding, and that he will find alternate ways of serving his clients that were receiving PG and GIA funds.  Richard stated that even though it is extremely unfortunate that SCARC missed the chance to receive these funds; that he respects the process that occurred.

CEAS Committee-Donna DelValle:

  • Donna DelValle gave and in depth overview of Continuum of Care process including the McKinney-Vento application.  There has been some concerns brought to Donna DelValle’s attention on how the County is proceeding with the process regarding the RFP that was publicized and whether it follows the HUD Format for the McKinney-Vento.
  • Stephen Gruchacz addressed concerns and clarified that the RFP Process is for the prioritization by the CEAS and the support of the prioritization by the BCF. 
  • Gregory C. Fehrenbach stated that he would further research with County Counsel and have a response to these concerns within 24 hours. 

Child Abuse/Missing Children-Michele Richard:

  • No report

Work First NJ Committee-Jeff Daly:

  • No report

Child Care Committee:

  • Linda Pinto made a motion to approve the Child Care Plan.  Suzanne Sarner seconded the motion.  No discussion, no abstentions.  The Child Care Plan was passed unanimously.

By-Laws Committee:

  • No report, meeting scheduled for June 17th at 12:30 p.m.

Nominations Committee:

  • No activity.


Old Business: 

  • OEL update-Alana Steib:  An Executive Committee Meeting is being organized to consider a replacement Training Committee Chair given Barb O’Neill’s move to Rutgers.  Interested parties should contact Alana or any other member of the Executive Committee.
  • Approval of Monitoring Report-Melissa Latronica:  Suzanne Sarner made a motion to approve the Monitoring Report.  Suzanne Sarner seconded the motion.  No discussion.  HSAC Monitoring Report for Spring 2004 was approved unanimously.


Liaison & Task Force Reports: 

Youth Advisory Council (SCYAC)

  • The recommended changes to the By-Laws are being reviewed by Dennis McConnell, County Counsel.


Local/Professional Advisory Committee on Alcohol & Drug Abuse (LACADA/PACADA) Pat Kibildis

  • A flyer was disseminated regarding the 2005 Prevention Services RFP.  The RFP announces two opportunities for the funding of prevention services:  Community Based Services and Special Projects.  The 2005 Prevention RFP will be available after June 15, 2004 on the New Jersey Department of Human Services website at:  http://www.state.nj.us/humanservices/grantan.html .


Disability Services Advisory Council (DSAC)-Melissa Latronica:

  • No report.



Mental Health Board:

  • No report.


Aging Advisory Council:

  • Senior Day was well attended and due to such a tremendous turn out they are looking into the possibility of a new venue.


Administrative Reports:

County-Lorraine Hentz:  

  • Discussed that the HSAC Planning Process will begin this month and that the meeting is scheduled for June 14th @ 1:00 p.m.


State-Bruce Hayes:

  • No report.



  • Eileen Kivlen requested that if anyone knew of a scholarship that could help a little girl from Brookside Terrace go to Dance Class, to please contact her.
  • Donna DelValle announced that the confidentiality of shelter locations law has been passed.
  • Alana Steib announced CSA is having a fair well for Barb O’Neill.
  • Barbara Adolphe announced that Open House for CFPC is on Monday the 7th of June.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.


The next Human Services Advisory Council Meeting is scheduled for June 30, 2004 at 9:00 am at the Sussex County Fire Academy.



Respectfully Submitted by Melissa Latronica

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